Sunday, December 18, 2005

Media Man Australia - Stalker situation update

Media Man Australia - Stalker situation update

Folks, I was just notified that my stalker (many of you can guess who it is) visited my residence yesterday (Saturday 17th December 2005). I also visited Randwick Police Station again today.

The recent press attention includes the following...

'Publicist attacked by poison pen'

Following a spate of email-related scandals this year, Sydney publicist Greg Tingle is the latest person to fall victim to a malicious email that has been circulated around the globe...

Additional information:

A number of Media Man Australia clients, contacts and associates have been contacted by the stalker (a former very short time client). by both e-mail and telephone! At least one contact is also prepared to put an AVO on the stalker, and approx 99% of the people who received the hoax e-mail from know it was a hoax / criminal related act, and that I was certainly not the author of such rubbish. Furthermore, the fact that people were contacted by not only e-mail, but also telephone, builds the legal argument that my Google g-mail e-mail was used without permission, as the persecutor had to get the phone numbers of my clients and contacts from someone, and not all of their details were / are in the public domain.

I would like to say a big thank you to my friends and clients at this challenging time.

Some of my friends are looking after me in a big, big way, and I am most grateful.

Stay tuned to the developing situation.

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